Our Essence: 

It’s about the village – www.onceuponatime.org.nz is about the village raising the children. We all recognise and abhor that inequality and poverty exists just down the road and around the corner. This website gives the village we live in the opportunity to look briefly into the lives of our local schools and offer a helping hand, whether it be addressing inequality or enriching children’s lives.

We at www.onceuponatime.org.nz recognise that our greater village has very busy lives so instead of your time we ask you to grant a wish for the betterment of children. At www.onceuponatime.org.nz we believe in utilising the amazing human resources we already have in place- I refer to our teachers. We are not trying to reinvent the wheel or add an extra cog; we are simply trying to give that little something extra that will enable our teachers to teach to their full potential, for the betterment of the lives of our children in our village.

Childhood is precious, fragile and fleeting. And it is within our grasp to enrich these formative years and address inequality and poverty, and in doing so nurture, protect and lift the very heart of the whole village. 

Once Upon A Time 

 Once Upon a Time in its essence is simply a charity for the betterment of children.

Our website is www.onceuponatime.org.nz  

"Once upon a Time" is about making wonderful things happen for children within the school systems.  

Simply stated I became aware of a need within the school system and addressed it with this trust.  

Making educational environments work really well for children is essential and the people who know this best are the teachers that work with those children.  

Seeing passionate teachers frustrated at not being able to give their all to the children they teach simply because of financial restraints seemed inconceivable, so I picked four pilot schools and went and collected wishes from the teachers in those schools; wishes that would enhance the learning opportunities and the lives of the children they teach.  

So many teachers are driven to teach that which enriches their own life. It is like passing down a sparkling shining star of wisdom to the next generation. It should be an absolute given that this happens.  

We have all experienced, in our youth, the heady joy of a brilliant teacher. Teaching what gives us great joy in life is easy and it's a gift and pleasure to impart that knowledge. I want to help enable that animated enthusiasm by creating wishes for teachers for the betterment of children's lives.  

Over the last weeks I have met teachers passionate about literature, music, dance, art, math, science, horticulture,  nutrition, sport, chess, aquatic life...the individual interests are limitless and available to be shared unreservedly with the next generation. The Wishes Trust would like to help that happen - making financial restraints disappear by linking teachers with their wider community;a  community that shares the same interests as the teachers themselves.  

There are also teachers driven to address inequality where ever it is encountered. Linking the people that can make that disappear with the teachers that are addressing it everyday is what The Wishes Trust is about.  

Traveling the world extensively gave me a great appreciation for New Zealand and our people. We as a people are really good at helping each other but we like being part of the process. So understanding what our financial donation is doing, seeing it work and knowing it has worked by being thanked my the children is a kiwi backyard kind of attitude. And I see nothing wrong with that, in fact I love it. If I give money to make a wish come true for children needing say ...art supplies ..and I see those children receive that gift and they write and say thank you, it makes me feel a million dollars. I'd like to give that million dollar experience to as many people as possible.  

I believe in New Zealanders. I believe in their integrity, their ingenuity, their loyalty and their altruistic natures. Kiwis look after kiwis and The Wishes Trust would like to help that happen within our schools.  

Andy Benge .... aka The Wish Fairy  

Contact Details:
Registered as The Wishes Trust (Registered Charity)
Phone:  02102522219
5 Durmast Court
email: thewishestrust@gmail.com  

If a teacher would like to tell us a story about how amazing a wish granted has been, please write to us at the email address above and I will endeavor to post it on our Facebook page. Please follow the story of the wishes on Facebook.

Board of Trustee of The Wishes Trust

Andrea (Andy) Benge
Fiona Judd
Don Ritchie
Beat Huser
Rebecca Jenkins


"Once Upon A Time" Wishes can be Gifted. 

Simply :
Copy and Paste the wish you have selected for your dear one onto a word document. Then print. 

Then : 
Right click on the gift card and click 'Save As' then paste to a word document and attach it to your wish. 

And abracadabra magic has happened for the teachers and the children who live just down the street and around the corner. 

The Magic That Makes A Wish Come True:

Terms and conditions

Each wish must be donated in its entirety, there is no capability to give a part donation towards a wish.  A variation to this rule is “The Principals wishes”. They may have a big wish but the wish is broken down into smaller donations, but again each donation in its own right must grant a wish that is functional in itself.

The Wishes Trust (“the Trust”) is a registered charitable trust that will purchase goods from The Wishes Company Limited (“the Company”). The Company will source the goods listed on the onceuponatime website and will assist with funding the Trust’s ongoing operating costs to ensure the Trust's longevity and sustainability. The Company will adopt a code of conduct that will include a focus on philanthropy, good corporate citizenship and support for its local community.

Delivery Times

We will endeavour to get your wish granted in the fastest, most cost effective manner possible. We will endeavour within 2-4 weeks to have the wish on the school’s doorstep. If there is an unforeseen delay, we will notify the donor of the gift via email to clarify delivery time. In the case of services provided (such as school camp fees or school trips) the donation will be sent to the school within 1-3 weeks. It is to be noted that the processing and delivery of wishes will not take place over school and public holidays.

Recognition of these services provided will be confirmed via email by the trust after receiving the appropriate receipt from the school. In the case of a wish that involves services provided to the school e.g.  construction at the school site (putting up a sunshade or building a vegetable garden) the school will be sent the donation within 1-3 weeks with a receipt. Notification from the school concerning the time frame around the project will be forwarded to the trust and the donor. We are mindful of the fact that the safety of the children is the priority, therefore some wishes will be time sensitive because of this factor.


This is a New Zealand enterprise and therefore all wish listings are in New Zealand Dollars (NZD). All prices are inclusive of GST. In the initial phase of the project in which we confirm viability of our philanthropic model, we will advise the supplier of your donation and purchase the wish that you have selected. The name that will appear on your statement will be Once Upon a Time. We endeavour to source from local New Zealand companies. If in a rare case the wish is not available in New Zealand, we will source the wish from a reputable overseas company. There will be no extra costs incurred to the donor or the school in this situation. To cover freight costs 10% has been added to the wish so no school suffers financially with freight delivery charges. To ensure the longevity of The Wishes Trust, we apply a 15% Levy to services wishes to cover ongoing costs associated with the charity website. Once a donation has been received by Once Upon A Time an email confirming the donation will be sent to the donor as well as a tax deductible receipt, if full and correct email details are provided at the time of payment.

If in the unusual event that a wish becomes a discontinued item that is no longer available from our suppliers we will advise the donor and offer a refund.

Tax deductible receipts

After an online donation has been received by Once Upon A Time an email confirming the donation will be sent to the donor and will contain a tax deductible receipt, if required. We require full and correct email details to carry out this procedure.

If a donation is made physically via a bank, an email/letter needs to be sent to Once Upon A Time within 3 working days containing full details of the wish and contact details of the donor, preferably including an email address.

If the donation is a general payment to aid with the sustainability of Once Upon A Time, this needs to be clearly stated by email/letter within 3 working days to avoid any confusion around the donation. See ‘About Us’ section for full contact details.

Damaged goods

If a wish arrives at a school damaged, the school should contact Once Upon A Time within a 30 day period to enable us to return it to the supplier under the terms of a replacement. Damaged goods must be in original packaging with a copy of the delivery packing slip. Any goods damaged after arrival at the school is not the responsibility of the trust.

If any wish delivered is faulty we will meet our obligations under the Consumer Guarantees Act. It is the responsibility of the school to contact Once Upon A Time to report any faulty goods within 30 days of receipt. If the product is covered under the warranty period, refer to the individual terms and conditions of that particular product. We will endeavour to expedite this process with due diligence.