John Talsma Deanwell Primary School

Books for Boys

“What you doing ?” inquired Pauley with incredulity as he stared in disbelief at his friend.

 “Reading, “mumbled Jay not lifting his head.

Pauley scratched his head and looking confused.

“You, don’t read,” he stated.

“Do now,” mumbled Jay.
Jay sighed deeply and looked up at his cohort.

“You know that feeling,” he said, “when you read a book, and you just know that it is going to be really cool and mega exciting; you sort of feel all the cold and dark coming and see the net drawing tight around the hero. And he just about feels like he jumps out of the page he lives and breathes on the page. You can get all tied up in the story liked being dragged behind a bike and you can’t let go or turn or even stop ? “

“Nope.” Said Pauley.

 “Man,” said Jay. “You’re not reading the right books!”

Encouraging boys to read that normally don’t can be an adventure in its own right. Please help John enthuse and attract our reluctant young males with books they will be drawn too.