Large Magical Mat for Jane

Jane Carmichael Hamilton West  

Fiddlededum and Fiddledee, first the pied piper and then the drum.
Gather little children gather, for the storyteller is about to come.  

Once upon a time down the road and round the corner there was a school. And in that school there was a little classroom with a big desk and behind that desk sat a teacher named Jane. Now Jane taught a great many children of a very young age and they all loved stories. So Jane liked nothing better than to slip out from behind the very big desk and gather the children at her knee as she told them the most wonderful stories.  

One day as Jane watched the children wriggle and squirm as they tried to become more comfortable Jane closed her eyes and made a wish.  

I wish I may I wish I might
I wish upon the birds in flight  

I wish for a beautiful comfortable colourful carpet which the children can gather upon. It should be festooned with all the colours of the rainbow, the birds from the sky, the animals from the jungles and the stars from the milky way. I want it to embody the same wonder and amazement I see on their faces. To mesh and mingle with the stories which fill their heads with all the endless beauty and a multitude of possibilities.