Dress up Clothes for a wondrous Dress up Box

Sarah MacDonald  Marian Catholic School  

Eli insisted, “once an elephant, always an elephant” and he stated this actuality rather emphatically as he picked up a great furry trunk.  

Matt didn't have a problem with an insistent elephant; he had his eye on the pirates outfit. And once the sword was strapped to his skinny hips he would guard the elephant from poachers aboard his sturdy dowl.  

The two would spend their lunchtime exploring the coast of Africa, accompanied by the albatross who looked a little like a rooster and a princess who needed to be rescued from the dragon.  

Matt would be stern. He would put his foot down and call, "Guns to the ready!" if the dragon attempted to board.    

And somewhere between the palm trees and the jungles they would stop for tea and hunt for treasure. All things were possible from the dress up box.  

Grant Sarah’s wish for dress up clothes for the dress up box.