Karen's Quilling

Karen Walshe   

Knighton Normal Primary School  

He could feel his parent’s eyes on him. Without looking he just knew their months would be open slightly in bewildered surprise. Nate has always been told he didn't have an artistic bone in his body, but here they were gazing up at his work displayed prominently in pride of place in the exhibitions hall of the Waikato Art Museum.   

Nate let out a slightly embarrassed chuckle. He didn't blame his parents for being so surprised. No one had been more surprised than him. His teacher had told each and every one of them they had creativity flowing through their veins; they just needed help to find it. And that is what she had done.  

They had learnt quilling and construction, sculpture, design, textures, craft and colour all with just some paper and glue. And now here they all were, the whole class, artists, craftsman, artisans with their work displayed in a real art gallery. No one was more surprised than Nate, and as he stood there, scuffing his shoes in a self-conscious proud sort of way, he decided he might just keep trying to surprise people. Apparently that was what artists liked trying to do.