Vic's Indoor Jungle

Vic Stone Hamilton West School  

“It’s a jungle out there!” Someone laughs indicating the busy traffic jam they have just escaped from.  

"I wish we had a little more jungle in here," laughs Vic as she takes her seat behind the desk in the busy reception area at Hamilton West School.  

Vic is referring to her love of plants. She would dearly love to bring more beauty and life to this white, clean, efficient reception area.  

"Plants, things that are green, living things, you know, bringing a little of the magic of the garden indoors. It would be good for the children," laughs Vic. "Plants are calming, restful not to mention aesthetically pleasing," she adds as her hands busily file paperwork.  

"Schools can be a second home to children when we get it right, and there are a lot of passionate people here trying to do just that" she adds with a smile and a sense of obvious pride in her job.  

"The school needs to be a place the children enjoy, that captivates, interests them, excites them. We need just a little less efficient institution and a little more jungle, after all we are an enviro school," she laughs.  

A simple wish, the joy of some plants at reception.