Hamilton West School “The Principal’s Great Sporting Award.”

 “The Principal’s Great Sporting Award.”

 Once upon a time ….( that’s how all the best stories begin ) the Principal saw a child in amongst the many that was quite remarkable and absolutely glowing with potential on the sports field. A child who given the right opportunities and mentoring could go on to excel and add great possibilities to their individual life journey.

The teachers and Principal nodded in happy accord as they watched the child gallop past acknowledging a rare talent that needed nurturing. This child just needed a few obstacles tackled and they would be launched towards whatever giddy heights they dared to reach for. And so they were chosen and awarded,
“The Principal’s Great Sporting Award.”

This award includes a certificate of acknowledgement and subs paid so the child could join their peers on a school sports team and receive the extra coaching and experiences that representing the school would bring. Be part of the dream and donate the funds required to make this a reality for a child with great sporting potential.

Mark Penman – I am a great Hockey and Cricket man, but freely admit I enjoy every sport and am passionate about children being given opportunities. It would fill me with great pleasure to gift this award to a dozen children every team. That would be magic !