Lets Make memories with a Digital Camera

Nicole Higby Marian Catholic School  

Click, Oohh and the magical moment is captured forever. I smile at the three beautiful young ukulele players in front of the lens. How is it children have such magical smiles? The girls continue playing as I slip into their empty classroom. Room twenty is Nicole Higby's classroom, and it is a credit to her and her children. I wander the room gazing at the walls with admiration; they are festooned with colourful work, images and projects.   

I can see how disappointed Nicole must be with the demise of the classroom camera. The children had used the small digital camera to document not only their learning but also to capture musical performances, athletic events, school trips, school projects and highlights from the school calendar.  

This little hard working camera had been a valuable tool to record the children's school life and transfer by email visual documentation to the parents. This precious often easily eroded link between parents and the classroom is, in Nicole's mind, essential. One of her most vital tools for encouraging and cementing these children's educational future is an active interface between the home and the classroom.  

Please help grant the wish of a Digital Camera for Nicole Higby's classroom.