An IPad for children with learning difficulties.

Leeann Johnson's Wish  Marian Catholic School

My wish is for an IPad for Children with Learning Difficulties

As much time as kids spend in front of the various 'screens' nowadays, I can understand the hesitancy towards purchasing children an IPad. However, an IPad has become an important learning tool for school children. And among children with learning difficulties, it is almost indispensable. David is one of these kids. You can only imagine his frustration when the alphabet just jumbles up in front of him. When his peers easily copy each letter, his shaky attempt is painstakingly drawn with white knuckles. Kids like David need the extra help that specially designed 'apps' for the IPad can provide. 

Leeann Johnson, a teacher aide at Marian school, needs an IPad to help up to 40 children with varying learning difficulties. Are you the person who can make her wish come true?