A Retractable Sunshade for the Kids

Sue Prendergast   Hamilton West  

It started with a twitch, then an itch, followed by a wiggle and giggle. It was contagious and spreading through her small community like wildfire. She was losing them. The bees were humming and the Cicadas strumming: ah the familiar summer song. Outside Nature was beckoning, the breeze teasing the wispy hair on their sweaty little necks. Their beloved little classroom was stuffy and even Sue longed to be free. The deck was sun scorched but for a moment, like a heat-hazed mirage, she saw it as she hoped it would one day be: a lovely shaded oasis for book reading, storytelling, music and fun. An escape from the confines of four walls and a cure for a bad case of the fidgets.   

All it needs is a retractable sunshade.... A simple wish. Please help her mirage become reality.