Barb Cowie Educational Board Games Knighton Normal School

Third Time's a Charm

“And the third time's a charm,” laughed Anthony a little smugly as he tossed the dice with an enthusiastic flick of the wrist.

His opponent Graham eyed him warily through barely open eyes, this wasn’t over yet he thought. Graham held his breath and positioned himself strategically above the board game with straight back and shoulders solid and unforgiving.

“Third time's a charm indeed,” he mumbled under his breath as he blew on the dice and rattled them in his clenched slightly grubby fist before releasing them with finesse.

“Whoop, whoop …take that,” he cried in triumph as he jumped Anthony’s token and headed towards possible victory.

The rain pelted down against the classroom windows as the lunch break drew to a close. The boy’s heads were close and their raucous contagious laughter filled the air, who would have thought a wet lunchtime could have been so much fun.

Their teacher watched on with a quiet smile, these New Zealand board games were worth their weight in gold, the children were entertained,captivated and learning through play. 

Anthony grinned as he picked up the dice to try again for the finish line, “Third time's a charm, “ he hooted as he once again landed on the desired square.