Mr Mikes Cahinsaw

Mr Mike Hamilton West School


Best I get a Chainsaw before I break my mates.  

"It's the trees," said Mr Mike with a huge smile. "The school's real old. Been here a long time. Lots of the trees have rot, so need the chain saw to keep the kids safe."  

He looks reflective for a moment and turns his coffee mug in his hands.  

"Great old trees, they need lots of care, guy didn't look after them well before I got here. It's all good now, I look after them."  

Looking out the window of the staff room you could see how much effort this man puts into his job. The gardens and grounds do him credit. Hard to believe he is the lone caretaker.   "

What have you used in the past?" I asked.  

Mr Mike gives a half chuckle that held regret and amusement. "Used my own," he whispered scratching his head and rolling his eyes slightly, "and it broke, wasn't really up for the job."  

I look at him with quiet astonishment. The generosity, care and good natured spirit of this man is palpable. He obviously is a much loved member of this staff and endears himself not only with his hard work but also his casual laughter and ready smile.  

"So how are you coping now?” I inquired.  

"Ohh ...I just borrowed my mates," he admits and sucks his breath in between his teeth in a noise which conveys nervous caution, "Need to give it back real soon. Bit of a worry, using your mates stuff, especially the good stuff, like chainsaws."  

A fleeting image of a very large mate flew through my imagination. Mr Mike really needs his own chainsaw and one that is up for the job.