Cricket Balls

Lisa Burgess's Wish Marian Catholic School  

Olivia just couldn't decide. Was the sky more of an indigo or an azure. It was hard to tell. The clouds were vivid white, of that she was sure. She was sprawled out on her back admiring the expanse above, drinking in the Summer sun when 'crack!' echoed across the field. Jumping to her feet she scanned for the red ball hurtling in her direction. With a burst of speed and singular dexterity she launched herself into the blue and caught the sphere with two fingers! A roar went up and children streamed around her to pat her on the back. What an amazing catch! The dilemma of sky colour completely forgotten, Olivia's grin was as bright as the sun. Nothing is as perfect as catching a would be six playing cricket on a sunny Summer day.

Lisa Burgess needs your help keeping our kids fit and involved. What's better than cricket? She needs more cricket balls so all the kids can play.