Renee's BeanBag

Renee Warder  Deanwell Primary School  Room A3  

A wish for a very special bean bag

Rabbit had snuck to school today in Lucy's school bag. She carefully and secretively lifted out the wee stuffed toy at morning tea and he was now hidden under her T-shirt.  

Rabbit sat at mat time with Lucy and kept very quiet. After all if you're a stowaway it bodes well not to chatter or attract too much attention to oneself. Rabbit loved the fact that it was Lucy's turn to curl up in the little blue bean bag while the story was read. It was the very best place to be. The little children next to the bean bag fidgeted and squirmed, they were nowhere near as comfortable as Rabbit and Lucy. It had been a good day to be smuggled to school. Rabbit had thoroughly enjoyed himself snuggling up in that beanbag and listening to stories with Lucy. He wished he could go to school every day.  

Make Renee's wish come true and gift another little blue bean bag for classroom A3.