Monica's Microscope

Monika Bassard-Haisley  Hamilton West  

Wish : High Powered Digital microscope  

Squishy...dangerous ...freaky ....  robotic ... putrid ....intriguing .... blood-sucking ....  

This is science at its best. How could children not be interested ? Monika moves the test tubes to one side with blue vapour still streaming towards the heavens. She has them, they are absolutely fascinated. Starting the class with a quick look at what actually dwells in a plug hole captured the children's imaginations. The level of concentration and focus even in the back seats picked up by the power of ten when she started examining grease, slime, body cells and soap films. This was disgusting, horrifying, enthralling and the children were mesmerised.  

Monika speaks in a gentle melodic Swiss accent and the children are spellbound watching her every move like she is an illusionist rather than a specialty science teacher. With nearly two hundred and fifty children to teach from ages 9 to 13 she certainly has some challenges. The school has had their pilot science project in place for over three years now and Monika as an ex high school science teacher is revelling in the opportunity to teach and nurture a love of science in a younger age group. And they have done her proud and excelled as they have moved on into high school.  

This afternoon she wants to introduce children to algae and amoeba. She starts with the story and slides of intrepid scientists wading through slimy putrid smelly waterways to gather samples.  

Imagine if she just had one high powered digital microscope that she could view slides that would appear on the huge interactive whiteboards for all the children to see. Life would immediately come alive for the children. Once you have looked an amoeba in the face there is no looking back. It would open up a whole new world of microscopic monsters and wonders beyond their imagination. That would be her dearest wish, to flood their vivid curious imaginations with the minute, the very beginnings of life as we know it.