Karen's Education Games

Karen Wadley Hamilton West   

My wish is for an Educational Game  

The dice clattered across the board accompanied by a holler of delight. Laughter and groans combined happily together and four little heads stared intently at a red token advancing rapidly across the continent of Africa.  

Karen looked on contentedly. She wanted more of this happy camaraderie in her classroom. The skills learnt over a well-designed board game were numerous and so well disguised the children were under the illusion they were merely playing.  

"You won't find a Toucan in Africa," informed Nate with a hearty laugh as he picked up the shaker to take his turn.  

"You need a Flamingo for Africa," said Jono with a grin as he produced a beautiful card of a Flamingo from his stack.  

"Where will you use the Flamingo card?" whispered Jade watching on intently.  

Jono scrutinised the board carefully, " I will jump to Kenya," Jono strategised with enthusiasm, "because that's closer to the Mountain Gorillas in the Rwenzori Mountains," he declared knowledgeably.  

Karen gave a quiet chuckle. Children learned so much during play. It was just fabulous magic at work.