The School Camp!

Kerrie Martin     Marian Catholic School  

Sinead should go to camp!   

There had been tears in the bath tub and tears before bed. She even cried over dinner and it had been her favourite, sausages. Sinead brushed away the tears with annoyance, her eyes were hot and swollen and she just felt wretched. She was trying so hard to be brave and was failing completely. The last thing she had wanted was to upset her Ma; she had even planned to pretend she didn't want to go on camp. But the minute her hot weary feet had entered the driveway the weight of the school camp forms seemed to press hard against her heart and her tears began to flow.  

She walked into the kitchen and busied herself making her Ma a cup of tea. Ma had been out of work for months now but her health was slowly improving. Even so Sinead knew, as she stared at all the unpaid bills stuck to the fridge there was no way she'd be able to join the rest of her class on school camp. Sinead curled up next her Ma and they both just let the tears flow. There seemed nothing else they could do.

Make a wish for a child and a family come true..... Please give the gift that will be remembered for a life time. Gift a child caught in the harsh realities of difficult financial struggles the ability to attend school camp with her peers.