Books for Joeclyn

Jocelyn Broome   Literacy Centre Knighton Normal School.  

Jake kicked the ball hard and fast down the centre of the field. He was really good at sports, everyone told him so. Sports were easy but the classroom use to be a real problem for him. He raced down the field a full speed joining in the play.  

He wasn't dumb or anything, he learnt to read in his first years at school. The trouble was understanding what he read. The teachers called it comprehension and he had loathed it. He had quickly started to fall behind in all his class work because he just didn't understand what the directions actually wanted him to do. A wobbly misdirected pass came his way and he took it effortlessly, ducked, side stepped then passed it with a beautiful fast hand movement.  

It was Jocelyn who had turned everything around for him. He had spent many long mornings in the Literacy centre reading with Jocelyn. He had learnt how to answer literal questions first, then abstract questions and then he had progressed onto inferences. He grinned broadly as he chased down a loose bouncing ball and slipped it easily under one arm as he ran, his speed uninterrupted down the field. Jocelyn had promised to try and find a really cool book about great New Zealand sportsman for him to read over the holidays. She'd said it would challenge him. He smiled the laughed out loud. Not anymore, this book would be the best read ever.  
Please help Jocelyn reward these amazing children with books over the holidays. The Wish Fairy has a great love of storytelling and would like to help this wish happen swiftly by letting each book be a single wish. We need to wish for 24 books.