Bix Box Of Duplo

Frances Brown Hamilton West

Big Box of Duplo

"Mine's a fire engine," hollered Eddie as the hastily erected plastic ensemble rapidly negotiated the classroom chairs.  " Brrruuummm ....brum...mine is a truck," squawked  Reuben as he manoeuvred the Duplo blocks at breakneck speed around a stack of books.  

A pair of pigtails flew past both boys at the gallop. "  I'm an airplane," squealed Georgia, as a colourful collection of Duplo hovered and spun through the air deftly manipulated by a hand smeared with splotches of Vegemite and play dough.  

Mark Peter snorted with derision from amongst a massive tower of Duplo. The very thought of Georgia sitting behind the controls in an aeroplane was obviously an image that didn't sit easily with the little dishevelled boy. Georgia sent Mark Peter a smile brimming with superiority and confidence. There was no doubt in her mind concerning her abilities. Construct with Duplo today what you intend to fly in the future.  

The children's teacher Frances didn't even try to suppress a huge grin as she watched the interplay between the beautiful red headed Georgia and the disbelieving Mark Peter, who so closely resembled a grubby little Cupid. She gently patted down Mark Peter's pockets and removed several pieces of much loved Duplo.  

Her children loved playing with these Duplo blocks and the complexities of construction and infusion of imagination amazed her. She signed deeply and with weary resignation. The Duplo needed to be placed back in the box, it had to be returned. The looks of desolation as she instructed the children to place the Duplo away broke her heart. Georgia and Eddie had tears close and Mark Peter's lip trembled and quivered violently as she left the classroom Duplo In hand.  

Frances sent a wish to the angels hard could it be to have a big box of Duplo miraculously appear in her classroom? After all when you are five years old little else really matters!