The gift of a school camp experience

Liz Spackman Deanwell School 

She heard the door open and shut. The muscles in her throat constricted, a knot already forming. James came into the kitchen, shoulders slumped, feet dragging, head heavy. He couldn't even look at her. With a deep sigh he slid the piece of paper he'd carried all the way home across the bench top slowly and deliberately toward her. It was a moment they had both been dreading. She didn't even have to look at it. She simply shook her head 'No'. Without looking, he knew... She saw him wither just that little bit more and her heart ached. She hated to see him unhappy. Hated to disappoint him yet again. If only the car hadn't broken down and she'd been able to get more hours at work instead of less, then maybe he could have gone. If only... With a 'whatever,' he wandered off to his room. The school camp notice lay like a lead weight in front of her. 

Don't let kids like James slip through the cracks. Grant his and 2 other amazing children's wishes to go to school camp. Give them a sense of belonging. 

Every donation will help another child attend camp.