Educational Games for Natalie's class.

Natalie Steans Wish   Marian Catholic School

“So Emma, did you remember your reading log today?' asked Ms Steans. Emma looked up at her teacher. She was tense with anticipation. 'Yes Miss,' she replied. 'Right then, you know what you need to do,' said her teacher, handing her a whiteboard marker.  Emma's little body was tingling with excitement. She walked up to the board and added a fifth and final tick next to her name. She was aglow with pride. Her teacher smiled at her, 'You may select your reward from the box.'

Emma gingerly fingered the items. Oh what would she choose? After minutes of intense deliberation, she finally settled on a sparkly, metallic pencil with a spectacular purple ice cream cone rubber. She returned to her desk brimming with pride. Her mum would be so impressed with her when she got home. But even better, (a little smile played at the corners of her mouth) her sister was going to be sooo jealous!

Help Natalie Steans motivate her students by rewarding their positive behaviour. 
Natalie would like to reward children with games and would love some educational games to help pass the days during wet the winter months.