A Percussion Band!

 Yvonne Vesper's Wish – Marian Catholic School

Crash!... Bang! Thrum, thrum, drum, drum, tinkle tinkle whip, trip, boom boom, ba! Tap, Tap, tippy tap, tribble trebble blah. 

What a racket! The classroom was reverberating with noise. The Principal all but sprinted down the walkway. Where was the teacher? Surely an intervention was needed? He peeked into the window dreading what he might find. His face suddenly lit up with pleasure. The classroom was not in upheaval or rebellion. In fact the children were sitting in a tidy half circle around their teacher. So where was the noise coming from you might ask? Each child was holding a percussion or rhythm instrument and having a good go at making sound. They were so occupied they didn't realise they had an audience. The principal smiled to himself and headed back to his office at a more sedate pace.

Yvonne Vesper needs a set of classroom instruments for her kids. Let’s get them some 'boomers' and 'bangers' so they can create a little rhythm ruckus of their own. Each wish will donate a percussion instrument to the classroom.  
Two Percussion instruments = $40.00