Gardening Tools for Mr Jordan

Mr Jordan Marian Catholic School   

Garden Tools

Mr Jordan gives the rusty old manual edge clipper a disparaging glance. He stares off into the distance at the endless trail of paving stones that needs his attention. The meandering path will look spectacular when he is finished. He thrusts his weight forward on the tiny strut and in doing so forces the wheel to penetrate the thick layer of vigorous invading grass.  

The gardens and grounds that he labours over so energetically are an absolute credit to him. The garden beds are brimming with fragrant flowers, there is constant hum of bees and the butterflies seem to hover close as he strides with rapid gait across the grounds. He is certainly blessed with a green thumb and tireless energy. He must be a man who can gaze with happy contentment at his labours as the day sets.  

He glances down at the old inadequate manual edge trimmer. It is a back breaking labour intensive job that will take many hours.  

Gift Mr Jordan the automated edger attachment to fit his Stihl combi system and let's get this job done in a twinkle of an eye.