Lego for Carol

Carol Carr  Knighton Normal Primary School  

30 children of various ages attend the Knighton lunchtime programme    

Humphrey was an elephant. He was soft, cuddly and loved by children and he belonged in a toy box. This toy box lived in the school hall and comes out of the cupboard every lunch time for the children who joined the quiet activities group in the hall.  
Humphrey was very popular with the smaller children because not only was he very intelligent and a wonderful listener but he didn't mind how firmly he was held or how long he was cuddled. Humphrey was very obliging like that.  
He peeked out from under a little girl's arm and saw a squabble about to take place. He didn't know why the Lego was so popular after all there was an elephant to be cuddled. But popular the Lego was and the sooner they got some more the better. It was very difficult for an elephant to have a snooze in a wee girl's arms if there wasn't enough Lego to go round for those all those keen builders and architects amongst the group.  

Please make the wish come true and provide a box of Lego for the children's quiet lunchtime activities group run by Carol Car