The Classroom Band!

Sue Denton  Deanwell Primary School  

The children's hands flew above their heads and they frantically stretched their torso's as tall as they could so they might be picked before a child with lesser stature. The Wish Fairy had asked them to put their thinking caps on and think about a wish for their classroom. No thinking caps required; furious enthusiastic hands shot immediately into the air bursting with ideas.  

Ten minutes later it was decided they would form a band. Every single child in the class would be part of their very own classroom band. They would start with a simple percussion instrument each then grow their band as their ability and skills improved.  

"We will be so totally cool," enthused Michael, tapping out a beat on the desk "we will be rock stars."
"Totally Dude," mused Nathan, already practising his strut.
"I think I’ll be the Diva," stated Christine  with a confident shimmy of her shoulders.
"Whatever!" laughed Michael not bothering to look up from his mock drums.
"Beyonce started somewhere," stated Christine, emphatically accompanied by the reassuring nods of other classmates. If Michael was going to be a rock star she could certainly be a Diva. That was a given. This classroom band was going to be awesome; she could hardly wait for next year.  

Let's start this band with percussion instruments. $20.00 Wish - this will get two percussion instruments to start the band. This wish will go up twice so we can make it happen quickly.