School Uniforms .. Kay

Kay Petchell  Deputy Principal

 Marion Catholic School   

The gift of a school uniform for a child ... One ...two ...three...   They were like the three musketeers, "All for one and one for all", they hollered as they scampered fleet of foot towards the big obliging oak tree. Feet disappeared up into the low hanging branches and soon little legs could be seen dangling and swinging from high up in the cool canopy.   The triplets sat quietly in companionable silence, crunching on apples and watching the other children from the seclusion of the big tree. They were avoiding the big group of children on the far field playing tag and touch rugby. It wasn't a lack of ability or willingness to play that kept them segregated from the other children. In truth they would have loved to have been in the thick of the boisterous play.

It was simply that they were in a state of tortured self conscious embarrassment. All three looked like they were three sizes too big for their uniforms.   No matter how much the pulled and stretched at the little uniforms they had started school with the fabric refused all inducements and got no bigger. In truth the little uniforms hadn't fitted for well over a year and now with another growth spurt happening they felt ridiculous. They knew their Mum couldn't afford new uniforms. She already worked so hard and was raising them by herself. The broken window last night had been an accident ...but their Mum had burst into tears and sobbed for hours. The triplets stayed where they were. Better to remain hidden and stay out of sight than risk being laughed at or heaven forbid ripping their uniform. Watching their mum cry caused their hearts to ache.

Grant the wish of a new school uniform for a child who dearly wants to just look like his classmates.