Pat Poland Deanwell School

A gift of Stationery

His teacher nudged him gently as he was about to leave. He looked up unsure and saw a welcoming glint and a grin.   “Jordan, I have a surprise for you," she whispered. 

Half an hour later, school was over for the year and it was the holidays. As Jordan ran through the gates he felt ten feet tall. He'd been given a secret reward – a prize for all his hard work. Someone had donated stationery packs for children for next year and he'd been awarded one of those packs by his Principal. His would be waiting in the office with his name plastered all over it on the first day of term next year. He even had a certificate to show his mum to prove it.  

Jordan swung his arms high through the air. He and his mum didn't have to worry about not having the money for stationery next year. He didn't have to start late …like the other years. He didn't have to worry all holidays about being one of those kids with no books, no pens and no paper.   He could walk through those school gates on the first day with his head held high and the biggest smile plastered on his face. He grinned. What a fantastic day, this was going to be the best holidays ever. School wasn't so bad after all.