Dress Up Costumes for Jane's Costume Box!

Jane Barbour  Marian Catholic School  

Dress up costumes

Jane teaches 5 year olds and wishes she had a dress up box.   There are pearls, feather boas and sparkling high shoes with heels that wobble Shimmering sequins of the princesses dress swish with bangles that resonantly ring There is a Tiger who saunters and struts with tail swung loosely over a shoulder A cowboy with swagger, holsters and spurs rides past on a broom with a gallop A dragon does prowl and occasionally growl although luckily he's missing his fire There is a grumpy hippo lumbering long, looking for mud for a wallow A witch with a limp, a stick and a very black cat who hunts with intent for her wand A brave caped crusader saves the day while rescuing a dog from a fire An old Indian sits at the tepee flap quietly dreaming of long lost buffalo And a sailor climbs rigging with spyglass to eye hoping to see mermaids frolic.  

All these magic things and many more dwell in the beauty and wonder of the dress up box.