Dance Classes (3)

Jackie Simpson  Knighton Normal School  

Dance Classes

Dan was hiding under the bed. It seemed like a safe place, after all there was no way his mum would see him amongst all the junk he had stuffed under here. And another thing that wasn't happening was him joining the others at the school dance. Did he look like the cool confident kid who could dance? Hardly! He pushed himself closer to the wall, he was drenched in misery.  

Jackie Simpson is a teacher with a great passion for dance. She shifts in the chair and looks at me intently as she speaks frankly and from the heart about teaching children dance. For Jackie it is not just about gross and fine motor skills, rhythm, coordination, or practising the ability to learn by instruction, it's also about creating confidence and empowering children to feel at ease in social situations. Learning to dance can develop children's self-esteem and infuse them with self-belief.  

Jackie is an experienced dancer but as she points out her ballroom and ceroc skills are not what the children need. These children need to emulate current dance styles, imitate their own age group, follow the trends of the youth of today and the performers they are interested in.  

Jackie wants to invite a specialist Hip Hop dance instructor into the school. She doesn't want dance just to be a form of expression for a privileged few, she wants to teach the whole middle school to dance. One class at a time. She wants to create an environment in which every child is taught the skills to dance so no one stays at home from a school dance this year, or in the years to come, because of a fear that they just can't dance.    

Please make Jackie’s dream come true for three children at a time.  

*This wish will get Three children, Five dance lessons