Clare would love some books!

Clare Delaney Knighton Normal School  

Felicity looked at the big beautiful picture book in front of her and smiled. She could read now. Her sense of pride and self-belief shone forth like a bright shining star. Now she bounced with happiness as she walked, held her head high, smiled constantly and loved coming to school.  

It had been a very different story before she had the opportunity to join Clare at the Literacy Centre. There weren't books at home and English wasn't spoken much. She had felt like the dumbest kid in the class but not anymore. She didn't run away anymore, act out or cause trouble in class. She didn't even end up in fights with other kids anymore simply because she didn't get teased anymore. Life was so good now she could join in.  

Her only concern was her baby brother, Jazz. He would be at school next year and he didn't know his letters; couldn’t write his name or read at all, and the twins had just chewed on the pencil she had tried to teach them to hold. Felicity wished she had a book to read in the holidays and then she could teach Jazz his letters and maybe to even read a bit before school started. Felicity's grin broadened. Maybe she could ask Santa. Her eyes shone bright as a magnificent idea formed. Maybe she could ask Santa for as many as three books and then start her own little book shelf at home;  not just for her but for her little brothers and sisters as well. Felicity bounced in her chair with happiness maybe even Mum would like to look at her beautiful new books from Santa. Imagine if they could all learn to read and to love books like she did.  

Please help Clare Delany the specialist literacy teacher, reward her children with books to read in the home.  

This wish so touched the Wish Fairy that she would like to make this a special wish board. This wish will remain until these twenty four children each have a book, and each wish will grant a book.