Great Big Maccano Set

Cathy Cuming  Hamilton West   

Cathy’s wish:

It was one if those days... The rain was a sharp staccato on the tin roof and the wind complained at the door. Luckily the computers were occupying the children. Mrs. Cuming sighed, it was going to be a long afternoon. With a crash and a flash the room went dark. The children screamed, more from excitement than fear. She schussed and soothed, wondering all the while what she was going to do. Then she hit upon an idea. Buried deep in the cupboard was a small Meccano set. 

The kids unpacked the pieces sceptically, but she showed them a few basic structural shapes and set them free. She was amazed. The children became completely absorbed, only limited by the sheer lack of pieces. When the final bell rang there was a collective groan of disappointment. They were only mollified when she promised that tomorrow they would continue their construction if only she could get her hands on some more Meccano!

Let's get Mrs Cuming's class a great big set. Your gift just might inspire a new generation of architects and structural engineers.