Trestle tables for Deanwell

Liz Afterschool Programme Deanwell Primary School  

Trestle tables for the hall please

It was time for the Christmas morning tea and the trestle tables were covered with bright festive table cloths and every imaginable delightful treat. A small hand belonging to a gorgeous mischievous four year old crept up from under the table cloth tapping the table in gentle searching probes looking for the Lamingtons. The table rocked slightly, a tea cup slid just ever so slightly, a truffle rolled, a jam roly-poly shuffled a smidge and a big red jelly wobbled.    

Liz, the teacher on meet and greet grabbed at the quivering trestle and steadied the wobble. She lifted the table cloth and peered underneath at the bright eyed youngster. She beckoned the child and waved a plate of lamington's as incentive. With quick motions of urgent need she posted a staff member at each corner of the table. Everyone held on. These trestles had just seen their last function. They simply had to be replaced. Liz smiled. All is well that ends well. No plates broken, no tea spilt and many members of the community gathered to give thanks.  

"Santa," whispered Liz, "please put some trestle tables in the sleigh.