Art Canvas

Elizabeth Southall  Marian Catholic School

A wish for art Canvases

The concentration and youthful serenity on the girl's faces is in itself a thing of beauty as they sit shoulder to shoulder paint brushes in hand. The colourful impressionist paintings that have been so painstakingly crafted are quite remarkable. Grace sends a quiet smile of contentment in Natalie's direction as they sit in companionable silence carefully adding the final finishing touches to their own masterpieces.  

Miss Elizabeth Southall smiles with genuine warmth and pride. The smile comes from deep inside and a radiant happiness seems to flow from her as she looks up at the classroom wall. The wall is covered with Van Gogh sunflowers replicated over 30 times by 30 young artists. The wall itself is a true work of art. Elizabeth would love the children to all have an opportunity to paint on canvas so their masterpieces will have longevity and be displayed with the grandeur that deserve.  

Gift the wish of five art canvases so the children's art  can live on.