Art supplies for Joanne's Vikings!

Joanne Weller  Knighton Normal Primary School    

There was glitter, there was paint, there was cardboard, there were crayons, there was glue, there were scissors.  

Jordan was absolutely positive that his Viking hat would be the scariest Viking hat in the whole class. The six year old carefully glued on a big black bat with wings that flapped to the top right hand side. On the left was a ferocious crocodile.  

Holly's hat is neatly cut out. Her scissor work is very precise. She has decorated the top of her Viking hat with pink glitter and pictures of small white puppy dogs.  

Nathaniel has painted his Viking hat bright yellow like the sun. He was now drawing big spotted cheetahs to cut out and paste on top.  

Please make Joanne Weller's wish come true and donate art supplies to the little Vikings in Room 26.