Carolyn's Keyboard Wish

Carolyn Durie Hamilton West   

Carolyn’s Keyboard Wish  

The first tentative notes tumbled down the hallway unnoticed, swallowed up by the everyday sounds of backpack zips, lunchbox lids and children chatting. As playful tinkling gave way to melody two sets of pigtales perked up, torn away from their apples and marmite sandwiches. Jumping up they thumped down the hall to their classroom and peeked into the room. They were the first of many, for as the music swelled it drew the children like a Siren's song. In rapturous silence they watched their teacher with starry-eyed wonder. When the song finished and her hands came to rest on the keyboard, no one made a sound. Until one brave child called out 'Miss, that was amazing, can we sing next time '. She nodded yes and was rewarded with 22 screams of pleasure. Never had 'twinkle twinkle little star' touched so many.  

Lets bring the gift of music to Caroline and her class with a simple keyboard.