A blind for Gaye's Literacy room

Gaye Chesham  Room 24  Literacy Centre. Knighton  

The big story book had a mouse, a house and a little boy who carried cheese in his pockets. Helen stared intently at the mouse. He wore blue pants with braces and had funny little glasses on his twitching hungry nose. Helen wore glasses now. She took them off and rubbed her eyes gently the pitiless sun poured through the window stark, bright and hot.  
Gaye took her seat beside Helen attempting to shade her from the heat that poured through the window. The literacy centre was a lovely place and Gaye wouldn't be anywhere else. But this small front room so perfect for teaching reading had a lovely big window that desperately needed a blind. A blind to block the sun but not the light. Helen giggled and pointed at the mouse looking in the little boy's pocket. Gaye fanned them both with a sheet of paper, smiled at the little girl and pointed where she should start.    

Please grant the wish of a sun blind for a big old wooden window in the beautiful Literacy Centre, classroom 24.