A Set of Lego for the Girls

Dale Cullingworth Marian Catholic School  

A set of Lego especially for the outnumbered girls

One small sticky hand slid into mine and I smiled, "Are you the Wish Fairy?" asked the voice that belonged to the sticky fingers. "Cos if you are, I wish for a motorbike."  

 My smile grew bigger and an intent pair of serious blue eyes looked up at me. "I know my teacher's got a wish to give you for all my class" he elaborated as we wandered in the direction of room seven. "But I think the motorbike is a way better idea."  

A laugh escaped as I gave that small sticky hand a squeeze.   "

She wants this Lego for the girls," he groaned shaking his head in disbelief. "Us boys got given a heap of Lego especially for boys, and we play with it heaps. And now the girls want some," he added with tired derision.  

"Us boys out number them, two to one," he added proudly with an impish grin. He looked up at me with a look that could have brought angels to their knees, "Please talk to Mrs Cullingworth. Girl’s Lego! What if you tell her I'd let her ride my motorbike," he added with a hint of desperation in his voice.  

My smile lasted all day just thinking about little Mr Sticky fingers.