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Aries Paton's Wish - Deanwell

Classroom IPad


Debbie was frustrated. There was no other way to describe her scrunched up face and clenched fists. Her teacher knew that she was just one step away from bursting into tears. It had happened before.

It was especially bad today because yesterday had been an enlightening day for Debbie. It had been their classrooms turn in the school's IPad rotation.

Miss Paton had shown the children how to audio record themselves describing how they solved their maths problems. Many of the children were unimpressed but Debbie's face had lit up like a Roman Candle. Her excitement was palpable.

Typically Debbie was a lacklustre student, in that she never seemed to finish her work. But yesterday she'd excelled! Her writing skills weren't developed enough to let her express herself but by giving her the chance to 'talk' the answer, Debbie outdid herself!

Let's get Aries Paton's classroom their own IPad so children like Debbie can shine!