Dictionaries for Room Seven

Maria Oates Knighton Normal School  

Alex looked at Jade. Jade looked at Ethan and they all looked at Rose. Rose rolled her eyes slightly. She obligingly picked up the battered old dictionary and looked up … “hurl.”  

"Should be looking up ...fool," she whispered with a big cheeky grin directed at the boys.  

Maria Oates walked around each group of children as they worked on their literacy tasks. It was painfully obvious that many of the children couldn't use a dictionary with any confidence. She smiled as she watched little Rose trying to teach four dumbstruck little eight year old boys how to use a dictionary.  

Maria held her hand to her forehead. She really needed to invest some serious time in this essential skill. At the moment the dictionaries they had were falling to pieces and were all different versions so no two pages were the same, which made it very hard to teach from one central lesson. She'd make it happen, somehow. No child was leaving her class without being confident using a dictionary, not on her watch.  

Help make Maria Oates’ wish come true. Gift New Zealand Oxford Primary School Dictionaries to room seven.  
*This wish will buy one dictionary - once it is granted, it will go up again until the class has 30 dictionaries.