Books for under the tree

Sheryl Abbott Knighton Normal Primary School  

Sheryl watched as a little band of children started to gather under the tree where she had left the big wicker basket. Three little children had already found a big picture book to their liking and had curled up contentedly on the rug she had carefully laid out. It was warm but deliciously shaded under the tree and together they lay turning pages, their little heads lolling on the shoulder of the child next to them.  

Originally Sheryl had built this little oasis at the edge of the playground with its big rug and basket of books for Simon. Simon with his sensitivity to sound and his great love of books needed a quiet place to escape during the busy lunchtime. He yearned to be outside so didn't seek out the library or the hall. He enjoyed watching the other children but sought to be on the far peripheral edge of their noisy play. His gentle studious spirit required a safe tranquil place away from the frenetic energy of the fast, furious play of the main playground.  

Sheryl smiled. She had created the perfect place for Simon and in doing so had found twenty more little souls who liked to join Simon during lunchtime. Friendships were forged, books discovered and little batteries recharged in this tranquil oasis on the very edge of the playground.  

Please help us make Sheryl's wish come true and supply more books for the big wicker basket that lives under the teacher's desk in room 5 but magically appears at lunchtime happily ensconced amongst little children on a big rug under an obliging shade tree.