Goal Posts for the Fields

Cathy Chadwick Marian Catholic School  

Goal Posts

We were challenged by the Keas, the boys from Mrs Tats,
To a friendly game of rugby down the gully below the flat,
So we scampered down the track sworn to triumph in the play,
For the honour of the classroom and the victory of the day.    

Countless generations of little kiwi boys have spent every available spare moment with a Rugby ball in hand and a goal post in view. It is the deep belief of many that this is an institution and rite of passage that should be nurtured and continued.   The gully at Marion is under-utilised at lunchtime by the children and it is a fabulous place to play. A goal post down in the gully would have dozens of eager little feet, both girls and boys, spending their playtime perfecting the skills they are so eager to learn. I can imagine now the next Dan Carter walking back to class, head high, big grin and excitement beating in his chest. Let's make it happen ...bring on the stars of tomorrow...a goal post for the gulley.