Debbie's Classroom Board Games

Debbie Anderson  Marian Catholic School  

A wish for two new board games for room six

The laughter from the small group of children is contagious. It is playtime and an unruly cold shower sends little feet fleeing inside. Eight small heads bobbed over one Connect Four board. Mrs Anderson smiles as she watches the children playing. They are scratching heads, gasping in disbelief, emitting little roars of triumph and pursing lips as the levels of intense concentration increase.  

Play is vital for learning. Not only are children actively engaged, they are problem solving, turn taking, effectively communicating, sharing, waiting, practising eye hand coordination and manual dexterity, demonstrating and mimicking effective social skills and lengthening attention spans. All this when they just think they are simply playing, Mrs Anderson knows better. Some days teaching is nothing short of pure pleasure.  
Debbie's wish is for a new board game for the classroom.