Pat Poland Principal Deanwell Primary

Technology for Tomorrow

Listening to teachers discussing resources, teaching options and technology best suited to deliver best outcomes is fascinating and mind boggling. I suspect we all feel overwhelmed by how fast technology is moving. This gave me leave to smile when I heard one of the teachers at Deanwell had asked his class of ten year olds to work on balancing, need, cost and functionality to best decide how they should replace the failing projector that had recently quit the job.

I loved his initiative because we all understand that a key element to learning is engagement and these children were totally involved. They considered cost, functionality, noise, parts, heat, installation of mounting versus storage, ongoing maintenance, future proofing, energy consumption, ease of visibility, multimedia capabilities and technological compatibilities.

The class of C4 determined they needed a big flat screen TV to replace the old projector.

The Future: The bell rang and the kids came tumbling into the classroom with excitement. It was a special day. The day their wish came true!   When their projector's light went out last week it signaled the end for their beloved machine. There were no funds for a new one so the kids put their heads together and made a wish; a wish that was granted by a lovely, generous person.

The Present: C4 classroom projector is on its last legs. Will someone please fulfill the children's wish for a large flat screen T.V?