How's That!

Stephen Seator  Hamilton West  

My wish is for a set of cricket gear for my classroom

Stephen is an athlete. His walk gives him away. You can just tell as he pulls out the chair and sits opposite me that if I was captain in the playground I'd be crazy not to pick him for my team.    

Stephen wants the kids in his class to hear the ring of the bell at recess and be bolting out that door with cricket bats, ball and wickets in excited hands. He wants to nurture that eager spontaneity and remove all obstacles that might prevent a high pitched match on center field.    

But even more than that, he wants the children in the class to bond and take pride in their very own set of cricket gear. To foster that sense of teamwork and grow the excitement amongst the whole class for a game they can all easily aspire to. I could see from the glint in his eye there would be some inter class matches on the horizon. This teacher's passion could really bring some serious sporting prowess to the playground. His enthusiasm is contagious, I can imagine him giving confidence and inspiration even to the least agile of children.  

How's That !