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Once Upon A Time ...not in a far-away place but rather in a place not too distant, a place you could probably find if you walked down the street and around the corner, there is a cream cottage with bright blue trim and a meandering lavender hedge where bumble bees and butterflies roam. 

In this cottage lives a woman who believes in the goodness of her neighbour's hearts and the generosity of their spirit. It is this precious unshakable belief that led to the creation of the Once Upon a Time website and The Wishes Trust. This is a site where folk can wander and meet the Wish Fairy from the cream cottage with the bright blue trim and the lavender hedge, and hear tell of the children she has met. When you visit you can hear the wishes of exceptional teachers and read stories of the children at play just down the street and around the corner. 

If you would like to make a donation to The Wishes Trust to ensure the longevity and ongoing sustainability of the Once Upon A Time website please use the donate button at the top of the wish. Each opportunity is available with different levels of contribution under each banner. The Wish Fairy, the teachers and the children thank you for your generosity.