Magic Second Wish - IPad

Nicole Teotia Knighton Normal School  

Speciality wish for a child with a recent diagnosis  

Nicole smiled warmly at Jason willing him silently forward. He attempted to join the little group of boisterous boys but was overwhelmed with anxiety. He crept away and took a seat distant from the children and looked out the window pretending not to care.   

Jason had been recently diagnosed and now a great many things had become clear.  

This little boy was so bright and at ease with adults but really needed help navigating the world of socialisation with other children. Nicole had spent some late nights researching ways to help him and address his deficits. She really needed him to have his own iPad. He was such a visual learner and there were so many things she could teach him using the iPad;   conversation training, social stories to prepare for upcoming events, concepts around sharing, turn taking, waiting; the apps available now for this sort of specialty teaching are endless.   

Nicole selected a beautiful big book and sat beside Jason. He smiled at her tentatively, eyes full with tears and lips held in a tight bow. She rewarded him with a beautiful big smile full of warmth, friendship and promise then opened the book and began reading out loud. The tension left the small child's shoulders and he slid in closer to his teacher intent on the story that was unfolding.