Stacey Johanson Hamilton West School

EasiSpeak Microphones

'Miss, Miss, will you read this book to us?' Tama asked. He and his classmates gathered around the teacher eagerly. 'I know you can read that one by yourself,' she said. 'I know Miss, but you read Hairy McClairy better than we do. You know, how it rhymes and stuff...' 'Oh you mean the way the words are like a poem - That they have a beat,' the teacher replied. 'Yup,' said Tama. The other children patiently waited for the teacher to start. 'Well Tama, I have a better idea. You're going to tell the story to yourself.' Tama scratched his head, 'How does that work, Miss.' The other children looked puzzled. 'I'll show you. Here on my laptop I can record your voice reading the story. We can practice reading it the way I do. You'll be able to hear yourself reading and 'tell' yourself the story.' 'Wow, that's awesome, Miss!' The rest of the children clamoured for a turn.

This is just one simple example of what the children can do with EasiSpeak microphones. With your help we can inspire this kind of enthusiasm and all the kids can have a turn.