Modelling Clay for Creative Arts

Anna Wood     Marian Catholic School.  

It squishes and it squelches, it oozes through little fingers. It slowly takes shape with the persistent rolling and prodding of his small deft fingers. One minute the clay is a worm with distended girth the next it is as round as a ping pong ball.  

Dillon starts to grin and his hands take flight and there within minutes is a whimsical cat. He fashions magnificent whiskers upon the face and even a collar is added. The little boy's eyes grow wider and he rushes for a second piece of the malleable clay. His hands work quickly and diligently and a broom appears on which the cat sits, looking very at home. The look of concentration on the small child's face is intense as a cauldron appears with a rickety handle. More clay is secured and a figure starts to take shape under the clever manipulation of determined fingers. The spine is hunched forward and a stick appears in one tortuously thin grizzled old hand. The stooped figure stands over the cauldron with wand in hand and spells spill from crooked curled lips. Lastly Dillon with pride and finesse adds a large conical hat to the hunched figure and abracadabra magically sitting on Dillon's desk is a spectacular scene crafted from clay, a cat on a broom and a witch at a cauldron.  

So many things are possible given inspiration, imagination and the ingredients. A wish has been whispered to the Wish Fairy; modelling clay is needed in room 16 ...where witches and cats are waiting for small children to bring them to life.