Sheree Julian's Visualiser

Hamilton West School 

Sheree Julian’s Wish

Ms Julian stood tall at the front of the class. She was holding up a book for the class to see. Amy in the back scooted sideways to get a better look around Andrew's big head. She squinted and stretched but still couldn't manage to make out the diagram Ms Julian was pointing too.

She threw up her hand and her teacher quickly called on her.

 'I can't see Ms Julian. 'The two back rows of the classroom nodded in agreement.

'I’m sorry children,' Ms Julian said. 'I'll pass it around then...'

Lets get Ms Julian's class a Visualiser so kids like Amy in the back row can see and more time can be spent learning.

 A Visualiser has the ability to connect to virtually any projector, interactive whiteboard, PC monitor or TV screen (LCD / Plasma) to provide a striking visual element to teaching and learning.A Visualiser captures images of text, 3D objects, transparencies and microscope slides and just about anything else you can think of. Instantly, you can show images to your class, show and share their work for all to see and work forward together.