Happy Happy Hats Diane Crate Deanwell Primary School.

Diane Crate Deanwell Primary School.  

Some hats can only be worn if you're willing to have fast and furious fun under a clear hot blue sky.
Children you must pull such hats down firmly so a whoosh of wind won’t lift them.
Pull the cord tightly so hanging upside down from the jungle gyms leaves the hat just so,
in the perfect position for a race to the fence or game of tag.
You don’t want to be sitting quietly and twiddling thumbs
beneath the shady tree
 when all you need is a fabulous hat
 and then you are free
 to run,
to dance,
to leap.

Help us supply a big basket of school hats for the playground so no child is excluded from the busy happy playground simply because they can’t bring a hat to school.